A bit of tech stuff to help you out

Q: What size should my featured image be?
A: Optimal size for the featured images is 1900px X 550px with 72dpi  resolution. Larger images may crop while smaller images will loose quality.

Q: What size should my details images be?
A: Optimal size for the details images is 825px X 420px with 72dpi  resolution. Larger images may crop while smaller images will be off centre.

Q: I don’t have Photoshop or similar installed, what should I do?
A: You may use Lunapic or Fotor to edit your images online for free

Q: How can I use bigger & bolder text as you did in the video?
A: You may use heading 1 and heading 2. Please observe the codes around the text bellow or simply copy it and replace the content;

Heading 1  – <h1>You text goes here</h1>
Heading 2 – <h2>You text goes here</h2>

Q: Can I add extra links to my listing? IE; my Facebook page.
A: You sure can, simply add the link(s) in the Description area and we will make sure it’s activated.

Q: I really cannot get my head around this, who can help?
A: The team at Lightstyle has a great discounted deal to help you fully enhance your business page.
Please contact Lightstyle to discuss your needs. Alternatively you may ask a friend, family member or any other professional to help you.