1. Who we will support.

  • We will help and support Our Town Motueka members (determined by the area in which they do business – please see the “About Us – Membership” page for more information) and those who have become voluntary Our Town Motueka members.
  • We will answer any questions in relation to the addition of business , community and event listings to the Love Motueka website.

2. What we will do to support.

  • We help customers solve problems / issues ( functionality )
  • We help customers start using the basic steps of adding listings.
  • We will provide a business directory for which Our Town Motueka members can add their business, community & event listings.

3. Support Time

  • Support requests are processed on business days from 9:00 to 15:00 / Monday -> Friday 

4. Where Can You Get Support

5. Rights to remove content

  • We reserve the rights to decide if any content uploaded to this site is inappropriate and if it should be removed.
  • We reserve the rights to decide if uploaded content is deemed to be of acceptable quality for publication.

6. Refund

  • Refunds can only be claimed if  your listing is  is not as described, or is broken or is corrupt.

7. Copyright Information

  • You are solely responsible for the rights use of the photos, videos and clipart uploaded by you to the Love Motueka website.
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