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MAKING BETTER CHOICES. Supporting our communities by shopping locally.

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    Do you need to start selling on line?

    We’ve been working hard to put together an online marketplace for local businesses to get up and get trading – Ready for level 3 lockdown. Our goal is to empower local business so we all benefit from a thriving local community.

    Our mission is to bring a low cost solution for online sales to our local businesses & artisans. If you have been thinking of entering the world of e-commerce and want to give it a go, this is the time.
    Register at and start selling.

    The impact of buying local – does it matter?

    If there is one good thing that COVID-19 has done for us all, its got us thinking locally! What does that mean? Taking care of our local communities, working together, supporting each other – and in the words of Jacinda – being kind to one another.

    1) When we shop at local shops or New Zealand online stores, we help keep our communities strong, encourage the continued growth of small boutique shops, reduce environmental impacts and keep jobs in New Zealand.

    2) A vibrant, healthy retail sector brings tourists to our town and cities, fills empty store fronts and increases the tax base – meaning government and councils have more money to spend on essential services.

    3) Shopping locally is the only way to make sure the money we spend stays in the local economy.